iAbstract Forum

We’ve just launched our abstractor forum at iAbstract.us. (.US because this is a forum for US. The abstractors and title professionals.)

This forum is a place for all of us to talk about the title industry and share what it’s like to be a title abstractor. Please take a look and let us know what you think.


iAbstract on Facebook

The next time you’re on Facebook (like 15 seconds from now) make sure to check out our page here: [iAbstract on Facebook]

We’ll be posting great information and contests so make sure to like and share the page as well.


Official iAbstract.com Blog

Welcome to the official iAbstract.com blog and news site!

iAbstract.com was born out of a need to track which counties had recording data available online. Long ago, at a title company in Pittsburgh, I was a part of an online abstracting department. Counties had just begun posting data online, and title companies everywhere were scrambling to take advantage of this to reduce costs. While far from its origins at that title company, this website contains a full list of county office websites.

You could call it a portal to county websites, but we aim for it to be much more than that. We will allow abstractors and other title service providers to post their own listings. You can even have your own web page that you can use for marketing. In addition to adding your services to our directory, you can also comment and make notes on other listings. If you have a tip on searching a specific county website, leave that as a note to others. If you’ve worked with one of the abstractors, leave them a note of appreciation, or to let others know they are a good person to work with. (As always, keep it clean and friendly.)

Here on iAbstract.info, we will post all of the great news stories we find from across the title industry.  All updates about the iAbstract.com website will also appear on this site.